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Contract programming

We have been programming special solutions in Excel VBA for more than 12 years on customer request.

To a very small extent we also compile programs with basic dialects under Windows as well as for Android, iOS, MacOS and Linux. This includes smaller tools, utilities and libraries.

Contract programming in VBA

Our contract programming in VBA originally arose from customer requests in seminars - e.g. in time management and office courses:
Often it is about rationalization and sometimes also about special functions which cannot be solved with other programs or only at disproportionately high cost.

Typical projects for us in this area are:
  • Automation scripts within Excel to accelerate routine work, e.g.
    • Import and formatting of large quantities of images
    • Automatic preparation of extensive raw data for various evaluations (e.g. pivot tables)
    • Surveys with Excel and the automatic data aggregation, or statistical evaluation of large quantities of individual form data
  • Measurement and control technology
    • Readout of laboratory equipment, industrial sensors, vehicle cars, tank systems...
  • Data exchange to and from other programs such as
    • Databases,
    • ERP and CRM systems
    • Websites
  • Complex applications e.g.
    • Extensive calculations,
    • Merchandise management systems and
    • Multi-user functions in and with Excel tables
    • Protective functions and user interfaces for Excel files
    • Remote control of other office programs and combination of program functions
      • Word (offer configurator)
      • Mappoint (route optimizations, geo data comparison) or
      • Outlook (highly customizable mails to many recipients)

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