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Coaching and mediation processes

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Coaching and mediation

The focus of our further training is on imparting knowledge and skills within the framework of classic training events. Sometimes, however, completely different or at least supplementary measures are necessary - here explained using the example of a conflict between employees of one department:
training approach:

Conflicts between teams and employees of a company could be avoided, for example, by means of conflict management training, in which the participants receive information about the origin and forms of conflicts, learn to assess their own and other people's behaviour and train forms of communication that are helpful in the event of conflict.  

Systemic coaching:

As a rule, however, the (long-standing) conflict has deeper causes, which are often rooted in the values, beliefs and identity of the people involved and which are expressed in behaviour that is perceived as disturbing by the "opponent" or third parties in the social system. The goal of systemic coaching with the persons involved could be, for example, to uncover these underlying true causes and make them workable. This could then lead to long-term behavioural changes, which would then inevitably result in changes in the overall system. In this change process, however, the coach does not act as an external expert (as sometimes happens in trainings), but the clients are experts for their own problem and ultimately decide for themselves what they can and want to resolve and change and how. The coach is only a process facilitator who makes appropriate communication offers. The approach is therefore fundamentally different from the training and has different mechanisms and chances of success.


It is possible, however, that even before these two alternatives are considered, a common balance of interests must first be negotiated, which can be accepted by all participants as fair and balanced, in order to be able to communicate and work together again at all.  Such a balance can be achieved within the framework of a mediation process with the parties and requires a high level of methodical and social competence on the part of the mediator in order to be able to lead the parties out of the conflict spiral from a neutral position respected by everyone, instead of being drawn into the conflict themselves.
Of course, we are also happy to offer you these services, but in your own interest we would only accept assignments in which we can already look back on successful projects or which have a certain proximity to our other offers:
For example, we offer systemic coaching primarily to individual employees of companies, associations or the public sector who are faced with certain personal issues in a professional context and who want or need to achieve long-term changes.

Typical coaching topics:

Dealing with professional changes (promotions, transfers, changes in the team ... )
Role conflicts in the area of conflict between professional and private life
Long-term reorientation in professional life

Typical mediation topics:

Conflicts between people and interest groups working within the same organisation.

In other cases, we can recommend experienced coaches and mediators who may already have specialised in your issue.

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